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Track & Trace Register App

zinghere is a non-contact Track & Trace Register app designed to help Restaurants, Cafes, Churches, Sports Clubs and other organisations to get open again quickly - while complying with COVID-19 track and trace guidance.

zinghere is FREE for QRzing Professional members (QRzing Professional membership costs just £8.00 per month).

The register records:

If required, all data is accessible through your QRzing account.

How it works:

1. Visitors scan QR code

Visitors scans a unique QR code as they enter your premises.
Track & Trace Demo QR code
   Try it for yourself   
Scan the QR code above
(or tap it if you're on a mobile!)

2. Enter their details

Visitors record their Name & Phone number plus the names of others within their group.

Track & Trace Demo screen shot

3. Data is held securely

All data is held securely ... just in case it's needed!

If required, all data is easily accessible through your QRzing account.

In line with Government guidance, all data is automatically deleted after 21 days.

How to create a Track & Trace register - in just 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Log in to your QRzing.com account here ->Log in
(Not a QRzing Professional member yet? ... don't worry,Sign up now! and try if free for 14 days!)

Step 2: Click the "Add QR button" (If this is your first QR code you will be taken straight to the next step)
zinghere.com Add QR code button

Step 3: Click the "Track & Trace Register" button
zinghere.com track & trace button

Step 4: Enter the name you want to give your Track & Trace register. We suggest the name of your pub, club, restaurant, etc.
zinghere.com enter register name

And you're done! Just scan your new QR code with your phone to test everything is working!

zinghere.com scan qr code

How to create a Track & Trace register poster (PC or Mac required)

zinghere.com download qr button

Please Note:
Although these instructions show how to create your poster in Microsoft Word, any similar package can be used - the process will be the same as shown here.

Step 1: Download your new QR code - click the "Download QR Code" button
zinghere.com download qr button

In the pop-up window, select Bitmap: 'jpeg' and set the Image Size to '10' & click the "Download" button. The QR code will be saved to your Downloads directory.
zinghere.com download qr options screen

Step 2: Download our FREE Track & Trace poster template here ->Download Poster Template

Step 3: Open the poster template in Microsoft Word (or similar).

Step 4: Insert your new QR code.
a) From the top menu strip, select 'Insert' -> 'Pictures' -> 'Picture From File ...'
b) In the pop-up file window, select your QR code (in your Downloads directory) and click the 'Insert' button.
c) Right-click the QR code and select: 'Wrap Text' -> 'In Front of Text'
d) Re-size and re-position the QR code to cover the dotted square in the middle of the blue box - hint: you can delete the dotted box if it helps.

And you're done!

All you need to do is Save and Print it out as required.
Hint: The poster is A4, if you want some A5 posters, just copy and paste everything to create a second page and use the 'Print 2 per page' option in the print dialog.

We hope this helps ... stay safe!

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